Welcome to ‘Girija Kutir’ Maa Kali’s Temple

Spiritual Souls is A Spiritual Community Founded By Mahakali Upasak Parampujya Guruji, Shri Dr. Vinod Suvarna Ji (A. Girijanand Ji)

“At Spiritual Souls, we undertake the purification of Heart, Mind and Soul. *No conditions applied.”

-Guruji, Shri Dr. Vinod Suvarna ji (A. Girijanand ji)

We Help You Get Things Done

Spreading Love, Peace and Happpiness

Guruji, Shri Dr. Vinod Suvarna ji A. Girijanand ji, is a modern day Spiritual Guru & Motivational Leader and has been leading a spiritual life over 31 years. From an early stage in his life, he has been spiritually inclined. He achieved 8 Siddhis and can reach 7th level of Meditation Easily.

Guruji strongly believes and states, “The Creator has given everything free to it’s creation.” He reciprocates this goodwill by providing his courses and discourses free to all.

Founder of Spiritual Souls

Guruji, Shri Dr. Vinod Suvarna ji (A. Girijanand ji)

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About ‘Girija Kutir’ Maa Kali’s Temple

Guruji has blessed Spiritual Souls with 7.5 feet tall siddh moorath of Maa Kali where lakhs of devotees visit and seek blessings of Maa Kali for their prosperous life.

Guruji founded a Spiritual Community, Spiritual Souls™ “Transform | Heal | Connect | Moksha”

Sessions We Cover

More than 29 Lakhs have benefited and their life transformed, relations improved better
health through sessions and/or guidance by Guruji.

T3: Towards Terrific Transformation

“It is possible and I can do it !”

S3: Simplified Social Success

“Touch the impossible !!”

S4: Sacred Saint’s Spiritual Souls

“And GOD created us !!!”

Satsang & Meditation

“Answers to the Unanswered”


“Human Emotions Are Love”

Child – The Future Soul

"Parenting Session"

Where to start & where to stop

“Always start with an end in mind”


“Adjust your focus”


“The God in me”


“The way of visionary”

Towards Or Away

“My way”


“I am nobody, nobody is perfect”


Practical and Motivational Sessions


Spiritual Sessions

“Pray! And listen to’ Maa Kali! You can do this alone, but find somebody to do it with you”

Your contributions directly impact the lives of those less fortunate, bringing smiles, warmth, and hope to those who need it most.


Our Gallery


Articles written by Guruji, Shri Dr. Vinod Suvarna ji (A. Girijanand ji) and published in ‘Speaking Tree’, a The Times of India spiritual supplement and various other newpapers


Connect to your inner self and discover GOD