About Guruji, Shri Dr. Vinod Suvarna ji a.k.a. A. Girijanand ji,

Spreading Love, Peace and Happpiness

Guruji, Shri Dr. Vinod Suvarna ji a.k.a. A. Girijanand ji, is a modern day Spiritual Guru & Motivational Leader and has been leading a spiritual life over 31 years. From an early stage in his life, he has been spiritually inclined. He was blessed with many Spiritual Gurus like Guruji Nikhilanand, Guruji Adhornath, Aghori Bholagiri and many more. In Sanidhya of his Guru’s, he achieved 8 Siddhis and can reach 7th level of Meditation Easily.
Guruji strongly believes and states, “The Creator has given everything free to it’s creation.” He reciprocates this goodwill by providing his courses and discourses free to all.

Guruji’s Areas Of Expertise Include

Founder of Spiritual Souls

Guruji, Dr.Vinod Suvarnaji

During lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, Guruji provided food, cooked meals, twice a day to more than 700 people. Supported more than 4000 people for medical assistance, follow-ups at hospitals and provided medicines. The pandemic affected people physically as well as mentally. And Guruji counselled more than 10,000 families by guiding them to maintain patience, look for the good aspect of the lockdown situation and keep moving ahead with hope of better situations. Guruji also helped countless people in the most painful situation of their lives, to complete the last rituals of their loved ones.

Guruji’s Achievements

Guruji Has Been Honored With

He considers ‘Giving’ as the most important quality of a Human being and he has been living with this quality for the last 31 years. Guruji founded a Spiritual Community, Spiritual Souls™ “Transform | Heal | Connect | Moksha”, a non-profitable organisation, in August 2012 to live up to his quality of ‘Giving’. Guruji has blessed Spiritual Souls with 7.5 feet tall siddh moorath of Maa Kali where lakhs of devotees visit and seek blessings of Maa Kali for their prosperous life.

Through Spiritual Souls™, Guruji has designed more than 52 Spiritual courses with a touch of Indian Heritage, each dealing with a different aspect of life.

Some of the feedbacks received from people who have benefited from the course:

Course Details

T3: Towards Terrific Transformation

“It is possible and I can do it !”

S3: Simplified Social Success

“Touch the impossible !!”

S4: Sacred Saint’s Spiritual Souls

“And GOD created us !!!”

Satsang & Meditation

“Answers to the Unanswered”


“Human Emotions Are Love”

Child – The Future Soul

"Parenting Session"

Where to start & where to stop

“Always start with an end in mind”


“Adjust your focus”


“The God in me”


“The way of visionary”

Towards Or Away

“My way”


“I am nobody, nobody is perfect”


“Life is in Now”


“What do you do when you have freed yourself of all desires except the desire to be free from desire.”

Silence Nirvana

“Be enlightened”

Second Lead

“Chai se jyaada kettle Garam”

Mind Matters

“The frequency of a Genius”

Soul Yoga

“Aasanas made Simple”

Mental Noise

“Danger Stranger”



Final Exit

“Wish List”


“The World around me”


“Everything Else is Madness”

Inside Out

I m Press (Impress)



"The Missed understanding"

I am blessed

Maa the Whole Universe

Collective conscious

The Late Bloomers


Spiritual Consultancy

Inward or Outward


Childhood Re-Gain

Soul Retreat

Values Of Life


The Hindu

Mee To( Parenting next version)


“The key of happy marriage”

Solah Kalaein

Am I talking to anyone?



Why men suffer more than women?

Am I talking to anyone?



“God says ‘Yes’, you say ‘No’”

T4 – Towards Terrifc Transformation for Tycoons

“It’s easy”


“Mystical Magical Or Mythical”

Life Coaching

“From darkness to Light”